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Scope of Activities of Maadi Community Foundation

The foundation works according to the following four principles:

1- Realizing and enhancing the developmental forms of endowment.
2-Furnishing Maadi area and its suburbs as a granting foundation.
3- Coordinating and facilitating and building the capacities of civil society organizations and socially-responsible businessmen.
4-Preparing for awareness campaigns for the endowment concept and its modern applications.

- Rendering and Enhancing the Developmental Forms of the Endowment

The concepts of companies' social responsibility and social justice are drawn from those in ancient Egyptian culture. The concepts have been part of the social texture for several centuries, meeting the requirements of each age. Maadi Community Foundation attempts to develop all applications of companies' social responsibility through the endowment system. Maadi Community Foundation also attempts to enable the organizations to implement permanent development programs through the merging of business and development organizations. During the current stage, by hosting workshops and by exchanging and crystallizing the ideas a variety of invented forms are developed. These ideas include for example but not limited to the following:-

  • Partnership Endowment Program for development.
  • The role of banks in the work of endowment in order to achieve the optimum use of development organizations.

  • Companies’ role in dedicating a percentage of their profits in the form of endowment for financing the activities of Maadi Community Foundation.

  •  The companies' role in dedicating one of its investments for the interest of the developmental corporations.
  •  Urging companies to set up funds for endowment in order to carry out developmental projects.
  • Setting up a partnership between the Foundation and social, creative people who want to render some service to the community in order to assure the Foundation of cash flow and stabilize the financial sustainability of the Foundation (the partner will endow a part of his or her profits to the Foundation).

Please note that the above mentioned forms aim to guarantee the highest levels of participation and highest standards of transparency for the social development programs.

- Providing social services to Maadi area and its suburbs:

 Maadi Community Foundation does its utmost to provide grants, implement and support health, education, water, and environmental developmental programs, as well as attempting to provide work opportunities in the indigent area.

- Coordination and building of other civil society organizations:

Coordination among the partners of development process like non governmental organizations, private sector commercial companies, credit providers, and mass media is one of the chief programs sponsored by Maadi Community Foundation.

- Launching Awareness Campaigns regarding endowment concept and its modern applications:

According to the outcomes of the recently-issued first ever study conducted about philanthropy in Egypt, the volume of social donation in Egypt amounted to 5.5 billion USD. Unfortunately, that money was utilized in an irregular and short-term manner. Based upon the aforementioned information, Maadi Community Foundation is preparing for an awareness campaign targeting the general public, civil society, the private sector and individuals interested in working in the development arena. The objective of the campaign is to discover the optimum practices for long-term, effective social donation.

-Maadi Community Foundation and the relation with social donation and companies' social duty:

The first social donation study in Egypt revealed that the majority of Muslim or Christian citizens prefer to give charitably to their relatives first and their neighbors second. This is due to the influence of the saying “Charity comes first,” which is considered one of the most important motives for Egyptians to give their donations to their relatives or to individuals in the same geographical area. Based upon this finding, the social foundation is the institution that dedicates its efforts to one specific geographical area, raises money, creates work opportunities, provides grants, and services and which has the capabilities for development and growth and guaranteeing the permanent development in Egypt.