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Members of the Board of Trustees

Marwa Al-Daly
The Chairperson of Maadi Community Foundation, and one of the founders of Maadi Community Foundation, Marwa Al_Daly holds a Masters degree in political science and economics from the American University. Her major subject was permanent development. The AUC has published her masters thesis, which discussed the role of businessmen as partners in the development process and the available alternatives for self financing the permanent development. She was nominated by the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations to be a fellow at the National Donation Studies Center of New York University. During the fellowship, she carried out several research projects about the donation and the Islamic Foundation. She is currently finalizing her Ph.D. studies about national donation and endowment foundations in Hambold, Germany. It is worth mentioning that she worked with Dr. John Grahart, the former Chairman of American University, in setting up the first center for studying and supporting the social donation in the Middle East. The AUC inaugurated the aforementioned center at the beginning of 2007. During her management of the social donation project at the Development Services Center, she made the first comprehensive study about Egyptian philanthropy. She has issued several articles in Arabic, English, and German about social donation, the social responsibility of businessmen and the national society. As part of her management of the project, she prepared and organized the first conference on social donation and development in Egypt under the sponsorship of Dr. Ali Al-Musailhy, the Minister of Social Solidarity, and with the support of one of the most prominent businessmen in Egypt. The conference was attended by about 600 hundred persons. Currently she is preparing to publish a study about philanthropy and social justice in six countries. She also has 10 years of experience in the development arena, both in academia and in the field. Moreover she has experience in management programs, follow-up, evaluation methods, field research and financing

Professor Fatma Abu-Nawareg

The  Vice Chairman of the  Board of Trustees of Maadi Community Foundation and one of the founders, Professor Fatma Abu_Nawareg, a former faculty member and deputy of societal and environmental affairs at Helwan University and a member of the Educational Professions and Plastic Arts Syndicates, the Technical Education Faculty Graduates Union, the Egyptian Association for Education through the  Art, and the International Association for Education through Art (Al ANSIYAH). She is also a member of the Egyptian Association for Curriculums and Teaching Methods, Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University, and of the Technical Education Curriculums Committees of the Ministry of Education's Curriculums Development Center during 1992-1993, scientific pioneering for the students of the Technical Education Faculty. During 1988, she participated in composing part one and two of the books made for the first and second phases of kindergarten under the name of "Art for Kindergarten" Kindergarten Department - Ministry of Education. In addition, she wrote a book called “Tasting Nature in Technical Education Curricula.” She made several scientific tours, visits to the technical educational organizations in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and the USA. In addition to the above, she was a supervisor of several Masters and Ph.D. theses.
She is nationally recognized as one of the social work pioneers in Maadi and its adjacent area.
During 2000, Professor Fatma Abu-Nawareg, in collaboration with Maadi Rotary Club and the Technical Education faculty and students and the members of the Society Service Associations, helped start a beautifying and reclamation project in Izbat Al-Safih. The officers in charge were influenced by this action and consequently motivated the residents to construct a school and spread art awareness and to realize the necessity of cleanliness and maintaining a clean and beautiful environment. During 1996, Professor Fatma Abu-Nawareg contributed to the decoration of the critical care section of Qasr Al-'Ayni Hospital by donating paint from Helwan University to the hospital. It is worth mentioning that the said paints were in the warehouse, useless. A group of professors and students took responsibility for decorating the walls and lounges of the hospital. During 1995, in order to encourage young people and based upon her belief of the importance of technical, cultural development and art taste of the society, she organized several art fairs to exhibit the paintings of Maadi Club students. She leads many art development projects that contribute to achieving change and in modernizing Maadi District and the surrounding areas.
Mr. Farid Mansour

Mr. Farid Mansour is the Executive President of Price Water House Coopers, head of the Friends of the Islamic Arts Museum, and head of Friends of the Coptic Museum. He is also the honorary manager of the Egyptian British Friendship Association, a member of the board of trustees of Auditing and Accountancy Organization for the financial and Islamic Corporation, Head of the Association for Maintaining the Oasis's legacy, and a member of the friends board of Al-Manyal Museum. He is also an incorporating member of the Egyptian British Business Association, the Chairman of Society Service Committee at the Egyptian British Business Association and a member of the Chartered Accountants and Auditors in UK and Wales.